Installation guide

Workshop charts


Make sure to gather all the tools you need to set up your chart beforehand.

Your package is composed of 2 main elements: the test chart and its accessory box. Accessories may differ from one sight model to another. You will find a precise list of the contents of your purchase in your package.

All Prêt À Tourner charts have a magnetic holder. They can be hung on a metal plate screwed to the wall or with magnetic paint.

If you have any questions, please contact us, we’re here to help.

Open your box and lay it flat on the floor. Remove the accessory box located in the lid of the package and take the bubble and its 2 screws.

The chart must remain flat on the floor, in its box. Screw the bubble onto the test pattern, by aligning it with the inner side of the angle.

Depending on the chart you have chosen, use a pencil to make a mark corresponding to the upper side. Heights are shown in the diagram above.

We advise that 2 people should carry the chart, to facilitate its adjustment and to prevent any damage. The upper side of the chart only should be placed on the wall, and then adjusted thanks to the pencil mark earlier made.

Adjust the horizontality of the chart with the bubble level. If you did not choose this option, use an external bubble level.

Once the bubble is leveled, place the bottom of the chart on the wall. Magnetization is immediate. Your schart is set.