P.A.T in a nutshell

Our premises are based in La Ciotat, France, a mythical place for cinema, since it is the place it was born in 1895 with the Lumière Brother’s movie, “The arrival of a train at La Ciotat station”.
For more than 20 years, members of the Prêt À Tourner crew have been working on developing our camera department on film and audiovisual sets, as well as in the field of communication.

We have decided to combine our two savoir-faire to enhance our driving force and offer you what’s best: optical test equipment, and advertising the image of your company.

Our star products are our sharpness calibration charts, which have earned us the recognition of numerous camera and optics professionals, as well as that of other fields using this type of equipment, such as aeronautics and mapping.

The arrival of a train at La Ciotat station – Lumière Brothers – 1895

The advent of P.A.T.

My name is Stéphane PAILLARD. I am working in the cinema industry since 1998 as 2nd AC, 1st AC and focus puller, then steadicamer and operator. I’ve worked on a number of feature films, both first and second unit, as well as television and commercials. Whatever, the leitmotiv of my job was always the same : be efficient, calm, thoughtful to offer precious time on the set to the director, the production and the team.

In 2002, I was responsible, as 1st AC, for the smooth operation of the cameras of the movie «The Last Trapper», first long feature film shot in real cold condition, sometimes below -58° F (-50° C).

I have learned more than anywhere else to think about the communication between the «technical authenti- city», camera test, and its use in real life, the set.

Today, I have decided to regroup my experience in some tools to help the cinema industry. Thinking about camera assistants and rental com- panies, I developped camera sharpness charts with all its accessories to save time, to win comfort and aesthetics, with a tehnological lead at the height of the best cinema lenses and cameras.

Prêt À Tourner was born.

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