Charts for Anamorphic lenses

The very first custom sharpness calibration charts for 8K cameras.. and more.

Our test charts for anamorphic lenses

Prêt À Tourner offers the world’s first range of optical charts with an unrivaled, very high definition printing for this type of product and designed to offer you maximum comfort and speed of execution, thanks to its numerous adjustment tools.

PETA 2.0 chart

72×158 cm

Yotta<br />

PETA chart for anamorphosis 2.0

PETA 1.5 chart

92×140 cm

Yotta<br />

PETA chart for anamorphosis 1.5

PETA chart EPC Prêt À Tourner

PETA chart – EPC – SPAIN

PETA chart RVZ Prêt À Tourner

PETA chart – RVZ – SPAIN

Technical specifications of our anamorphic test patterns

All our workshop charts have the following technical characteristics.
All these characteristics – incredible fineness of printing, different targets, circular, linear or star, integral magnetic support helped by the aluminium corner – have been thought out and brought together with a single aim : the optimization of your calibration test.

200 pairs of lines / millimeter

The unrivaled printing quality for such kind of large format offers, for the very first time, the opportunity to print up to 200 line pairs on the sensor. No other sensor has been able to reach that definition so far !

Perfect anamorphosis

Target patterns are drawn in order to check and analyze the perfect anamorphosis of your lenses : targets for anamorphosis 2.0 or targets for anamorphosis 1.5 according to the selected PETA chart pattern.


The arrangement of the targets enables a very precise analysis of the lens anamorphosis. Find uniformly arranged black and white cross lines : circular and linear, horizontal, vertical, and diagonal.

Geometric deformations

The chart allows the materialization of geometric deformations through the tests of the “plumb line” and the “checkerboard”. In addition, the checkerboard is composed of 18% neutral grey areas. Why deprive yourself of such convenience?

Neutral gray

The chart is made up of white rectangles and 18% grey rectangles.

Magnetic support

The entire support of the chart is magnetized to facilitate the manipulation, using a metallic wall and even magnetic paint. This magnetic support at the back is your assurance of the immediate flatness of the chart.

Aluminum frame

Our charts are fully protected by an aluminum frame. Light and rigid, it helps the manipulation during the tests and prevents bending over time.

Anti-reflection coating

The mat coating of the charts protects the printed ink and avoids any light reflection that could disturb the test. Most of all, you can write on it !

Accessories included

Magnetic customization

You have the possibility to personalize your chart thanks to the magnetic annotation area provided for this purpose.

Magnetic annotation areas

Write down useful and indispensable technical information on the magnetic writable and erasable annotations areas. This tool shields the entire chart against time.

Magnetic Optical Wedge Scale

The optical wedge scale enables you to evaluate and quantify the sharpness of spherical and anamorphic lenses. It gives mathematical data of the sharpness to facilitate technical exchanges between users, such as camera assistants and camera technicians.

ColorChecker® Classic

Digital cameras may require some color test. You have the possibility to add a ColorChecker Classic® using the Velcro® pads in the middle of the chart without removing it from the wall.

Magnetic Mirror Centering Aid

Here is a very smart and useful aid to win time on your camera test ! The mirror is handy when it comes to placing the chart perfectly parallel to the image plane in a matter of seconds.

Bubble level

A useful level bubble is located at the top of each chart.